Wendy's x Dj Khaled

I joined the team at Golden Wolf to create a variety of content for a Wendy’s x DJ Khaled drive-thru immersive experience at the Daytona 500,
the first race of the NASCAR Cup series.
I was in charge of bringing to life one of the nine animations created for the event.

The animation primarily focused on typography, drawing inspiration from
famous quotes.
An overview of all 9 animations created for the event:

Khaled's Quotes film:
Golden Wolf 

Full Credits:
Managing Director / Executive Producer: Dotti Sinnott
Executive Producer: Tan Jones
Creative Director: Charles Bigeast
Head of Production: Heidi Stephenson
Talent Director: Henry Purrington
Art Director: Mathieu Durand
Producer: Jade Jordan
Production Coordinator: Dani Bordelon, Alex Young
Resource Manager: Beatriz Rodrigues

2D Animation Leads: Thomas Eide, Stephanie Mercier

Designers: Johnny Cardoso, Nick Stoney, Dan Burgess, Jo Baaklini, Wren Wright,
Cendan Claiborne, João Lavieri

2D Animation: Thomas Eide, Tim Whiting, Ian Chan, Wren Wright, Mylène Cagnoli, Jennifer
Belobi, Rohit Kelkar, Henrik Soenniksen, Suejee Lee, Johnny Cardoso

Motion Graphics: Laurence Parsons, John Taylor, Mathieu Dellabe, 
Mathieu Durrand, Jo Baaklini, Yael Bloom, Ian Pinder, Marco Grandinetti

3D Animation: Jo Baaklini, Marco Grandinetti

Comp: Laurence Parsons, John Taylor, Yael Bloom

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